Literacy Support Bk 1D - download

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This download is an exact copy of Literacy Support book 1D - Word Level Work (check-up tests level 2-4).

Sample pages from equivalent pages from books in one unit and all the contents pages are available.

Literacy Support consists of a series of 12 photocopiable books in three units containing follow-up work and reinforcement work for all the main areas of the National Curriculum working at levels 1-4. There are 4 books in each unit. The first 3 have very similar contents but are written at 3 different levels of difficulty. Learning outcomes link each page to the National Curriculum.

Unit 1 Word Level Work (Phonics, spelling and vocabulary)

Book 1A Level 1-2     Book 1B Level 2-3    Book 1C Level 3-4

Unit 2 Sentence Level Work (Grammar and punctuation)

Book 2A Level 1-2    Book 2B Level 2-3    Book 2C Level 3-4

Unit 3 Text Level Work (Comprehension and composition)

Book 3A Level 1-2    Book 3B Level 2-3    Book 3C Level 3-4

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