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Sequencing Without Words set of books 1-4

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Sequencing Without Words set of photocopy master books.

Book 1 Which One First? - two pictures

Book 2 One, Two, Three - three pictures

Book 3 Arrange Four - four pictures

Book 4 Six Pics - six pictures.

Designed to improve comprehension and communication skills, each exercise is made up of lively and humorous drawings presenting a story in pictures in a random order without accompanying words.  Rearranging the pictures to tell the story helps children form a narrative with a beginning, middle and end, a skill which has a bearing on every aspect of learning.  A sample page, contents and TNs can be seen here.
These exercises are for lower and upper Key Stage 2 pupils, although children younger or older can also benefit.  The series fits a range of abilities in pupils, extending from exercises asking which of two pictures comes first, to quite complex six-picture stories which will challenge more able children.  
Since there are no words in the exercises, it is possible to set aside for the moment the challenge of reading and writing, although pupils can subsequently be set a written task adapted to their level of literacy.

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