Recognise Emotions Bk 3 - download

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This download is an exact copy of Recognising Emotions book 3.
sample page with the missing faces that go with it can be viewed as well as all the teachers' notes.
These exercises are intended for Key Stage 2 - 4 students who have difficulty in knowing how they feel or in imagining the state of mind of other people, and may have trouble in their social functioning as a result.  They could be useful to pupils who are understood to be on the autistic spectrum, but also for any student who has difficulty in perceiving emotion in themselves and others.
Feedback from teachers has indicated that they can also be used to stimulate imagination and help pupils to write short stories about each situation. 
Book 1 - One Face   One blank face in a scene: about how someone feels in a given social situation. 
Book 2 - Two Faces   Two blank faces in each scene: about relationships between two people.
Book 3 - Three People   One blank face in each exercise: about three-way relationships.
Book 4 - Hidden Feelings   One blank face in each exercise: about how the feelings we have inside may be different from what we show on our faces.
Book 5 - What Am I Saying?  This book includes three different formats with speech boxes.
Book 6 - What Am I Thinking?  This book includes three different formats with thought boxes.
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