Support for Religious Education Book 6

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A series of photocopiable books providing support material as part of a class teacher's programme of work for RE.  The materials offer differentiated work to meet the needs of pupils at Key Stage 2 and into Key Stage 3 who require carefully scaffolded work to help them engage fully.  The materials may also be used as a starting point for developing topics addressed in this book.  However, these materials are not intended as a definitive resource for RE, but more as useful extension and consolidation activities.
Books 1 - 6 offer opportunities for discussion and comparison across all the religions addressed and, where practical, common aspects of the religions are presented in identical stages of each book.  This provides the teacher with an easy at-a-glance reference point to facilitate locating appropriate comparison exercises.
Book 1   Christianity
Book 2   Judaism
Book 3   Islam
Book 4   Buddhism
Book 5   Sikhism
Book 6   Hinduism
Book 7   Old and New Testament Stories
Book 8   Bible Activities
Book 9   Animals and Religion
Book 10  Civil Rights, Social Reform and Religion
Book 11  Science and Religion
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