Living Maths Book 1

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A sample unit can be viewed here.
A series of 8 photocopiable books suitable for KS 2 pupils up to adult students providing additional support for maths in everyday tasks and situations.
Each book contains 7 units, each presented over 3 pages.  The first page provides a detailed picture.  The second page provides simple maths questions based mainly on observation of the picture.  The third page provides more complex problems.  
All 8 books are at the same level.  
Reading Age 7 - 9 years.  Interest Level 7 - adult.
Book 1 At home                                       Book 2 At the theme park                    Book 3 In town
Book 4 On holiday                                   Book 5 At the supermarket                  Book 6 At school
Book 7 At the post office                         Book 8 At the factory
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