Memory, Thinking & Comprehension CD1

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This series consists of 6 interactive CD-roms which are all at the same level.  A list of all the content pages is available and a sample section which includes work sheets and the teachers' notes are available. 
A series of interactive CDs to support development of comprehension skills including memory and thinking which may be used as part of independent work or group work at Key Stage 2 & 3.  The work may be accessed from the CD or installed on a hard drive.  Alternatively, the worksheets from the pdf folder on the CD may be printed to provide writing tasks for the pupils.  NB schools are allowed to install these CDs on as many computers as they need and it can be networked on some systems.
Each CD has 8 units of work.  Each unit has an introductory page where narration is available for pupils experiencing difficulties with reading.  Work page A invites the pupil to select a summary of the passage they have just read and complete simple multiple-choice questions.  Work page B is more demanding, asking pupils to write a summary of the passage and answer testing questions.  Completed work sheets can be printed to keep a record of work.  
CD1  Amazing People
CD2  Amazing Animals
CD3  Amazing Buildings and Monuments
CD4  Amazing Inventions
CD5  Amazing Plants
CD6  Amazing Forces of Nature
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