Picture Sums Book 7

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To demonstrate how this series works sample pages, contents and teachers' notes from book 1 and from book 6 can be viewed.
This series of photocopy masters provides enjoyable activities to support the teaching of basic mathematic skills for pupils working at levels 1, 2 and 3 of the National Curriculum in Mathematics.
Some pages have a hidden picture which is divided into segments, each segment containing a sum.  Other pages have trails which the pupils follow by finding the answers to sums positioned on the paths of the trail.  As well as class work, feedback has shown they have been very successful for homework tasks.
After listening to teachers, 2 new books at a lower level and 1 book at a higher level have been added to the series.
Book A  Addition up to 10.
Book B  Subtraction up to 10.
Book 1  Addition up to 50.  Food. 
Book 2  Subtraction up to 50.  Leisure. 
Book 3  Early multiplication.  Transport. 
Book 4  Early division.  Settlements.
Book 5  Addition & subtraction to 100. Manufacturing. 
Book 6  Multiplication & division.  Music. 
Book 7  Fractions and decimals.
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