Listening and Thinking Kit 4

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You can download a samples from book 1 and book 4 which give a work sheet and the script for that page. You can also see a script page from each of the 5 kits by clicking here.
This series provides audio lessons and photocopiable worksheets to support those pupils at KS 2, 3 and older who need to develop listening skills, improve short term memory and learn to make deductions from sounds, statements or passages of text they have listened to.  
The audio CD also contains a copy of the script which allows the teacher to see what the pupils will hear. Some schools have also let the pupils listen and see the script.
Kit 1 Familiar sounds give rise to questions Where?  When?  Why?  with multiple-choice answers.  Audio descriptions for 'Finish the Picture' exercises.
Kit 2  Five short linked passages followed by questions.  Listen and Look exercises linked to preceding passages.
Kit 2A Complete story - 2 audio passages per page, each followed by 4 questions.
Kit 3 Each lesson tells a chapter in 'Finding the Castle' and is followed by questions which require written answers.  Where appropriate, the work could be done orally.
Kit 4 Similar level to kit 3 telling the story of a boy moving to a new house in a new area.
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