Literacy Curriculum Puzzles Book 3

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Literacy Curriculum Puzzles sample pages and all the contents can be viewed.

This series of six photocopy masters is designed for pupils at KS2, 3 and above who need extra support to develop basic spelling skills.

The series can be used to provide:

additional practice in each spelling skill.

alternative/differentiated material for use in both whole class and small group settings.

homework activities to reinforce earlier class learning.

The series aim to develop spelling accuracy through the medium of thought provoking puzzles.

Book 1 - cvcs plus simple ch, sh, th, wh, words

Book 2 - initial consonant clusters

Book 3 - word endings and common end clusters

Book 4 - long vowel phonemes

Book 5 - vowel phonemes

Book 6 - vowel phonemes

Reading age 7-9 years and interest level 8-16 years.

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