Tests for Basic Science Book 1A

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These tests can be used to accompany the Support for Basic Science series as the contents of both series are identical or as a separate means of providing SATs-style science practice test questions.  
Each unit contains 3 books A, B and C which are at different levels of the National Curriculum to facilitate work with pupils of varying ability.
Unit 1: Life processes and living things
Book 1A  (Level 1)   Book 1B  (Level 2)   Book 1C  (Level 3)
Unit 2: Materials and their properties
Book 2A  (Level 1)   Book 2B  (Level 2)   Book 2C  (Level 3)
Unit 3: Physical processes
Book 3A  (Level 1)   Book 3B  (Level 2)   Book 3C  (Level 3)
Unit 4: Extra activities for KS 3
Book 4A  (Level 1)   Book 4B  (Level 2)   Book 4C  (Level 3)
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