Support for Basic Maths Book 15

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All the content pages and a sample page from book 1, 9 and 17 can be viewed.
A series of maths photocopy masters which support the teaching of basic mathematic skills and target pupils at Key Stage 1 and 2 working towards levels 1 and 2 of Mathematics in the National Curriculum.   The books can be used to complement the work being undertaken from any maths scheme and to provide additional learning opportunities, particularly for children with special needs.
At the end of each book are several Teachers Resource Sheets which can be personalised by teachers and used in several ways according to the pupils' needs.
Book 1 Sorting, matching, shape and size
Book 2  Counting to 10
Book 3 Addition to 10
Book 4  Subtraction to 10
Book 5 Addition to 20
Book 6 Subtraction to 20
Book 7 Addition to 100
Book 8 Subtraction to 100
Book 9 Early multiplication
Book 10  Early division
Book 11 Fractions
Book 12 Time
Book 13 Money
Book 14 Problem solving (4 rules of numbers)
Book 15 Graphs and Grids
Book 16 Tables
Book 17 Decimals
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