Confusing Letters Bk 1 - download

Confusing Letters Bk 1 - download

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This down load is an exact copy of Confusing Letters book 1.

Sample pages for the Confusing Letters series are available to view.

The series focuses on letters which pupils often find confusing. In a book the first 9 pages concentrate on one letter. The pupil must demonstrate understanding on the check up test before the next 9 pages are attempted. These 9 pages are the mirror-image of the first nine but with the second letter. After further tests the pupil then does exercises with both letters now on the page. The activities are fun to do and aim to help pupils feel confident in recognising and writing the letters both in isolation and in text.

Book 1 b and d

Book 2 p and q

Book 3 m and n

Book 4 f and t

Book 5 s and z

Book 6 g and y

Reading age 5+ years, interest level 4-7 years.

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