Support for Basic Grammar Bk 7 - download

Support for Basic Grammar Bk 7 - download

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This down load is an exact copy of Support for Basic Grammar Book 7.

Sample pages and contents/teachers' notes for the Support for Basic Grammar series are available to view.

The photocopy master books are incremental in difficulty and can be used in a systematic structured way or used to complement any other grammar work or text level work being undertaken. Each book has 10 units. The first page in a unit has an explantion and an example as well as tasks for the pupil. The second page in the unit reinforces and extends the work already learnt. After the last unit there are test pages and a glossary covering all the main points in that book.

Support for Basic Grammar intro book - Work at the simplest level covering capital letters, full stops, nouns, adjectives, indefinite article and prepositions.

Support for Basic Grammar book 1 - sentence punctuation, conjunctions & nouns.

Support for Basic Grammar book 2 - Subject/verb agreement. Commas in lists. Speechmarks.

Support for Basic Grammar book 3 - Verbs with similar meanings. Past and present tense. Nouns - common and proper. Singular, plural and collective.

Support for Basic Grammar book 4 - Adjectives, commas, subject/verb agreement, conjunctions.

Support for Basic Grammar book 5 - Verbs past, present and future. Adverbs. Adjectives. Apostrophes - word contractions.

Support for Basic Grammar book 6 - Adjectives - comparative, superlative, from nouns. Similes. Apostrophes - possessive. Statements, questions and commands. Subject/verb agreement. Merging sentences.

Support for Basic Grammar book 7 - Verbs - past and present. Commas. Phrases. Conjunctions. Prepositions.

Support for Basic Grammar book 8 - Direct/reported speech. Subject/verb agreement. Double negatives. Homonyms. Concrete and abstract noun.

Reading age 5-7 years and interest level 5-12 years.

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